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Save a Life

The pandemic has a big impact on life in Bali, it turned our lives in this island upside-down. Bali depends heavily on tourism and with no traveler coming, hotels, restaurants and other businesses forced to close their businesses. People started losing their jobs.

We noticed directly people are struggling to get food on their plate. This bothers our mind to ask the question: how can we help?

Balinese population has reached the number of 4.226.900 persons and 58.36% of them works in Services field, such as, Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism.

We are creating a way for anyone to help: We initiate to raise a fund where every donation contributes to feed hungry people in Bali. We are preparing a land to farm and livestock breeding for fulfilling daily food needs as Indonesia is facing a recession in the near future.

What We Do

We create an integrated farm and livestock breeding for the local farmers.


  • To bring the technology to the farmers
  • To educate the farmers
  • To create new jobs opportunity
  • To provide foods
  • To create sustainable energy and preserve the nature

Bali might be your second home or your upcoming vacation and you would love to know how to support. We would be happy with all of your contributions and you can make an incredible difference for a Balinese family from your own home.

Let’s make Bali smile again!

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